Tips and tricks

Here you can find a couple of tips and tricks, that might help you creating/editing your videos.

The correct video format

At you have the advantage, that you can upload all common video formats.
But since we limit the upload to a file size of 300 MB, it might get tight with a couple of formats.Hence we recommend the MP4 format for your videos.For the case, that the video you want to upload has another format and a file size above our upload limit, you can convert it with the use of a converter program.

Here we have some links of freeware programs you could use, to do so:

DVDVideoSoft Free Studio:



The right cutting program

If you don't have a professional program to cut your video, there are enough free alternatives. Most operating systems even, already include video editing software by default.On a windows PC there is the program Windows Movie Maker and on a MAC it is iMovie.With both of those programs you can easily cut/edit your videos.

If you use Windows Movie Maker, you should keep in mind, that your video will be saved as a .wmv file.So you might need to convert it afterwards to the mp4 format, if its size exceeds our upload limit.

Of course there are plenty other good and free alternatives.Here some examples:

DVDVideoSoft Free Studio: